Black and white logo in Lego
style for coworking space Friday

• Black and white as a reference to the industrial character of the venue.
• Logo and corporate identity represent the freedom and flexibility of the coworkers.
• More than just coworking: connect with a community of creative freelancers.

Founder of coworking space Friday

I am the founder of Friday: a coworking space for creative professionals within walking distance of Antwerp-Berchem station. Naturally I designed the corporate identity myself. In the visual identity you can find the history of building, the flexibility of coworking and the playful character of the creative sector.

Logo as a building module

Friday is made to fit your needs: visit the coworking space half a day or a whole day, once a week or every day. You can invite customers and organize events or meetings. Except for finding peace and focus, you also get to interact with (and be inspired by) other coworkers. It’s a great way to expand your professional network. That flexibility and freedom are in Friday’s corporate identity. The logo consists of individual building blocks. You decide how much “Friday” you need.

Old diamond cutting factory in Antwerp

Coworking space Friday is located in an old diamond cutting factory, hidden behind the terraced houses of the Lange Leemstraat. Thanks to the concrete floors and brick walls, the history of the diamond industry is never far away. That industrial character is reflected in Friday’s corporate identity through the black and white color scheme.

More than a creative network

In the meantime, Friday has outgrown the creative sector. But at the start, the coworkers were mainly graphic designers, copywriters, photographers and marketers from Antwerp. That creative dynamic is also part of the visual branding. Out of the modular logo grew a fully functional Friday font and every coworker received a personal card on our wall of creatives. Many of those creatives still regularly team up with Studio Andrea Paolini.

Every company has a strong story that can be visualized in their corporate identity. What's your story?

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