A golden sprout for farm shop
Boergondiër in Haspengouw

• Studio Andrea Paolini designed the logo, corporate identity and a series of illustrations.
• With the help of moodboards the client chose the style of the design.
• The logo is responsive and comes in different variations.

Corporate identity design for farm shop

More and more people buy their vegetables, fruits, cheeses and eggs locally, from the local farmer. And rightly so, because there’s so much to be found. For one of those farm shops, Boergondiër in Gingelom, I was asked to come up with a logo design and some illustrations. So I went back to the roots of farmer Jurgen, to the Brussels sprout fields.

Golden sprout as an eye-catcher in the logo

Farmer Jurgen is the son of a Brussels sprout farmer from Haspengouw. So I used a golden sprout – a typical Flemish regional product – as a symbol for the farm shop. In the same style and green and gold color scheme, I created additional illustrations that Jurgen uses on POS material.

Moodboards to choose the corporate identity

Most customers find it difficult to explain what is or what is not suitable for them. Choosing becomes a lot easies when using moodboards. So that’s what I did for Boergondiër. Based on the client’s story, motives and ambitions, I made boards in various styles and colors, all of which told a relevant story. In this way Jurgen could easily indicate which direction felt right.

Responsive logo, from small to large

For the wordmark of Boergondiër I combined the idea of the rough farm life and the refined Haspengouw regional products. The name Boergondiër used bold letters. The baseline “Fresh, Local, Tasty” (“Vers, lokaal, lekker”) surrounds the symbolic golden sprout in a more refined typography. With three versions of the logo – from just the sprout to the name in combination with the baseline – everyone will recognize the signature of the farm shop from afar. Whether it ‘s used as a small social media profile picture or on a gigantic banner.

What story is behind your company? And do you use that story commercially?

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